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An aerial view of Pelagis.
Country Myroria
Mayor Drenose Arvtrith (M)
Area 140 sq mi
Elevation 0-130 ft
Population 670,350

Pelagis is the capital and second-largest city of Myroria. Pelagis straddles both sides of the Resdaynean River and for thousands of years served as the capital of the Pelagian Empire and the center of the civilized world. After the Myrorian invasion of Pelagis, the city was chosen to be the capital of the new nation of Myroria, and along with the nearby Myrorian-founded town of Fellowmoor, the two cities formed together the metropolitan area known as Fellowmoor-Pelagis.

Pelagis' history spans nearly five millenia, from its founding around 5000 BC as a town in the Sindar Empire. In 500 BC Pelagis served as the capital of the new Pelagian Empire, and was the center of a continent-spanning nation until the Pelagian Empire's fall to the Myrorian, Inglish, and Eluvataran forces at the Siege of Pelagis in 1732. Pelagis was immediately chosen to serve as the capital of the Myrorian nation, and in modern times is governed by a mayor and a city council of 12 people, though the monarch of Myroria has the right to overturn any local law.

Pelagis' influence on Cefnori civilization can hardly be overestimated, and the city is still recognized as a center of arts and education. Pelagis, along with its counterpart Fellowmoor, comprise most of County Pelagis in Myroria and act as the collective capital of the nation.