Gothren Quarrith

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Gothren Quarrith
Ducal Chamberlain
Gothren Quarrith
Gothren Quarrith in 1960
Ducal Chamberlain
Term dates June 17, 1945 - April 2, 1955, August 15, 1970 - April 1, 1982
Personal details
Born January 22, 1911
Died April 1, 1982
Nationality Myrorian
Spouse Sadenyi Quarrith
Alma mater Novrith University School of Law
Profession lawyer
Religion None

Gothren Divayth Quarrith (January 22, 1911 - April 1, 1982) was a Myrorian lawyer and political aide, best known for his service as Ducal Chamberlain to Fendryn Quarrovth and Peté Tar-Ilium, his subsequent firing and court testimony in the Vrotrith poisoning scandal, and his reappointment to the post of Chamberlain in 1970. His extensive testimony during the trial of Chostamir Dalonmabar precipitated a subpoena against Peté and his eventual impeachment and trial. Following the election of Fredrika Tar-Ilium, Quarrith was reappointed to the post of Ducal Chamberlain, in which he remained until his death from cancer in 1982.

Early life and career

Quarrith was born in Novrith on January 22, 1911; one of four children to moderately wealthy parents. His father, Divayth Quarrith, was a successful attorney, businessman, and minor noble in House Quarrith and contributed financially to Great House Quarrovth, to which House Quarrith was sworn. His mother, Hlaren (née Rilvtrith), donated time and energy to local charities, including the Novrith Historical Preservation Society. Young Quarrith and his siblings were raised in the traditional Myrorian church, though Quarrith would later disavow any religious affiliation. In high school, his peers described him as "sardonic", but he was an excellent student and they, as well as his teachers, predicted he would have a successful career in politics. He also enjoyed discussions of ethics and predicted, correctly, that Fendryn would win the election of 1930. He attended Novrith University, majoring in law, where he met Sadenyi Quarrovth, the daughter of a moderately successful Quarrovth retainer. They married in 1934.

After his graduation, Quarrith joined the law firm of Belleroth & Sons, and was promoted to partner in 1939; another employee of this firm, Theremayn Vrotrovth, would go on to work for Peté and would also testify in his 1969 trial. A long family association with the politics of Great House Quarrovth and his own interest drew Quarrith to politics, where he would be formally inducted into the House as a retainer in 1940. Beginning as a minor employee in the House's legal branch, he quickly advanced to a position within the Residence, where he developed an intense admiration and steadfast loyalty for the Doge. In 1943, he was appointed Deputy Chamberlain and two years later would become Ducal Chamberlain upon the retirement of his former supervisor.

First term as Chamberlain

When Quarrith's appointment to the post of Chamberlain was first announced, his brother Rarayn Quarrith encouraged him to begin keeping a a daily diary recording the events of each day and Gothren's thoughts on them. He took this suggestion and started maintaining an almost daily record throughout his entire first term in the Residence (June 17, 1945 - April 2, 1955). The full text is almost 1.5 million words, and an abridged version was released as The Quarrith Diaries after his death.

Gaining a reputation as a "slavedriver" who expected top-notch work, Quarrith was known for his sarcastic attitude, which was known to turn into a loud anger in the face of incompetence. He was known for keeping others away from the Doge and would often meet House nobles in his stead. He and the Doge were very close and Fendryn was said to rely on Quarrith to filter information that came to him and delegate orders on his behalf; when Peté came to the throne five years later, the new Doge's increased reliance on men seen as "outsiders" would serve as a bone of contention between the two and ultimately lead to Quarrith's firing in 1955.

House Quarrovth aide

On April 2, 1955, following years of bitter arguments, Peté Tar-Ilium asked for Quarrith's resignation. In a break from precedent, the Doge did not appoint a new Imperial Chamberlain, and for the next 14 years would work without one. After his departure from the post, Quarrith spent no less time in the Residence; mainly being forced to attend to the dogaressa's needs, a job he described as "maddening". Though the two did not get along at first, Fredrika soon came to rely on Gothren as her only source of non-filtered information, in contrast to his job in her father's reign, where he in fact filtered all information coming into the Empeurer's office.

During the dogaressa's brief tenure as the head of government during the Pelagian Nationalist Army affair, Gothren again returned to serving as the Ducal Chamberlain, in fact if not in name. He was instrumental in organizing a police response to the attacks and quickly settled back into his old role as intelligence-gatherer and aide to the monarch. Upon the Doge's return, however, Gothren was returned to his old post as an unofficial butler and the dogaressa's confidant.

Quarrith testifying during the Dalonmabar trial.

In the early 1960s, Quarrith was dogged by rumors of participation in the Neustrian weapons affair, specifically that he helped facilitate transfers of funds and other aid to the Letonnese government during its efforts against Neustrian nationalist rebels. Quarrith consistently that House Quarrovth was lending any support to a foreign nation, or that he had any involvement with the alleged activities.

Deposition and testimony

During the trial of Chostamir Dalonmabar, Quarrith was subpoenaed by the court and ordered to testify as to what role he played, if any, in the attempted murder of Rothis Vrotrith. Quarrith, while denying any involvement, did affirm that he had heard rumors in the court while serving as the dogaressa's aide that Dalonmabar had been hired directly by the king to kill Vrotrith; while insisting what he heard was likely only a rumor, shortly after Dalonmabar testified that he had, in fact, been hired directly by the Doge to kill Vrotrith; as a result of the two testimonies, the court ordered the Doge himself to appear in court, where he admitted to the contract while arguing that, as head of state, he was above any law forbidding this. The court, in disagreement, quickly recommended that the Doge be impeached and forced to stand trial for soliciting murder.

Second term as Ducal Chamberlain

Shortly after Peté's impeachment, Fredrika Tar-Ilium, the new Doge, reappointed Quarrith back Imperial Chamberlain, where he served for the rest of his life until his death from lung cancer in 1982.

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