Vrotrith poisoning scandal

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The Vrotrith poisoning scandal was a political scandal in Myroria in the 1960s, resulting from the attempted poisoning of Great House Vrotrith leader, Rothis Vrotrith. Effects of the scandal eventually lead to the impeachment, trial, and convinction of Myrorian Empeurer Peté Tar-Ilium, the first and so far only Empeurer to be impeached. The scandal also lead to a drop in the fortunes of Great House Quarrovth, and the accession of Fredrika Tar-Ilium to the throne.

The scandal began on July 14, 1967 when Rothis Vrotrith, head of Great House Vrotrith, was rushed to the hospital with severe intestinal pain. Though he recovered fully, it soon became clear that Vrotrith had been poisoned, and an investigation lead to the arrest of Isabeau Satroth. Continuing investigations by various Myrorian prefecture agencies lead to the discovery that the attempted poisoning had been directly funded by the Empeurer's government. The Council of Great Houses Under the Empeurer ultimately voted to impeach the Myrorian monarch on charges of attempted murder, and Peté's trial before the High Court of Myroria began on April 31, 1969.

After a lengthy trial, the High Court voted 3-0 to convict the Empeurer of Myroria for the attempted murder of Rothis Vrotrith. Peté was succeeded by his wife Fredrika, and lived the rest of his life on his plantation in County Ivorheart, disgraced from Myrorian politics.