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Great House Quarrovth is one of the three major contemporary Great Houses in Myroria, along with the older Great House Moomintroth and younger Great House Vrotrith. Tracing its family origins back to Old Myroria, the modern Great House Quarrovth was founded around 1870. There have been two Quarrovth monarchs, the first being Fendryn Quarrovth, who reigned from 1930 to 1950; the most recent is the current monarch, Fredrika Quarrovth Tar-Ilium.

Since its inception, the House has promoted a libertarian/center-right platform. Until the mid 20th century, it had a strong social-liberal wing based in County Pelagis - by 1960 this wing's power was greatly diminished. Today its delegation to the Council of Great Houses consists mainly of social libertarians and paleoliberals.

As of 1984, following the 1984 reapportionment, Great House Quarrovth holds a majority of seats on the Council of Great Houses, and is the largest Great House in Myroria.