Girith-Sarerovth feud

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Girith-Sarerovth feud
Girith-Sarerovth feud
Oramyn's Pond, where several incidents of violence occurred.
Date 1890s - 1970
Location Resaroth, County Ser, Myroria
Result End of feud
Girith family Sarerovth family
Darvam Girith

Direr Girith

Manat Sarerovth

Mondros Sarerovth

50-60 60-70
20-30 25-40

The Girith-Sarerovth feud involved two families of the town of Resaroth, in the Serbank Valley area of the County Ser. By the feud's end in 1970, the Girith family was lead by Darvam "Ol' Oaktree" Girith while the Sarerovth family was led by its young patriarch, Manat "Firin' Manny" Sarerovth. Those involved in the feud were descended from Menus Girith (d. 1899) and Llondryn Sarerovth (d. 1901). The feud began after the alleged rape of Nalvyna Girith, a niece of Menus, in 1889. By its end more than a century later, "Giriths and Sarerovths" entered the Myrorian cultural lexicon as a byphrase for bitter revenge, rural justice, and familial feuds.

The Giriths and Sarerovths were both connected to nobles of their shared House, House Quarrovth, but the Sarerovths were widely perceived in Resaroth to hold more power politically than the Giriths. The Sarerovths owned a large timber yard outside town, as well as reserved forests about twenty miles to the north in the township of Big Pine Plantation. The Giriths, on the other hand, lived mostly by subsistence farming.