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This article is about the religion and traditional faith. For information about the Myrorian people, known as Maeror in Ozian, see Myrorian people.

Maerorism (from the Ozian Մաեռօռ, maeror, "dark or death-associated") encompasses the traditional faith and ancestor veneration of the Myrorian people. Maerorism is an atheistic religion, without any deities. Practioners of Maerorism, known as Maerorists, are guided by its foundational text, the Merepas, or book of the dead (part of a larger body of text known as the Ruhnpas, or Hearth Book) and supplemental oral tradition such as the Sermons of Saint Olm. Maerorism is considered by its adherents to be a philosophical link between the living and non-living or spirit worlds.