Peté Tar-Ilium

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Peté Tar-Ilium
Peté Tar-Ilium
Empeurer of Myroria
Reign February 28, 1950 - June 3, 1973
Preceded by Fendryn Quarrovth
Succeeded by Fredrika Tar-Ilium
Empeurer Consort of Myroria
Tenure June 3, 1973 - December 4, 2010
Preceded by Fredrika Tar-Ilium
Succeeded by Meneldur's wife
Archmaster of the Imperial College At Fellowmoor
In office February 28, 1950 - June 3, 1973
Preceded by Fendryn Quarrovth
Succeeded by Fredrika Tar-Ilium
Consort Fredrika Tar-Ilium
Issue Meneldur Tar-Ilium

Emma Tar-Ilium, Countess of Novrith
Ælar Tar-Ilium, Duke of Bellevir
Mattir Tar-Ilium, Duke of Nouvé Resdaynea

Great House None (Associated with Great House Quarrovth)
Born May 4, 1923
Signature Peté Tar-Ilium's signature

Peté Tar-Ilium (May 4, 1923 - December 4, 2010) was the 14th Empeurer of Myroria, and reigned from 1950 until his impeachment in 1973. Peté was the first outlander Empeurer and the first since Resdayn III to belong to no Great House, though he was associated with Great House Quarrovth through his wife Fredrika.

Peté was born in Ilium, the namesake city of the province of Ilium in Eluvatar. He was the chosen heir to the barony of Ilium, and after his father's death, Peté took the title of Tar-Ilium. In 1944 Peté married the Crown Princess of Myroria, Fredrika Quarrovth, and became the Prince Consort. In a surprising move, however, the Council of the Great Houses passed over Fredrika upon her father's death, instead choosing the outlander man to succeed him to the throne. Fredrika would, until her husband's impeachment, be bitter over her loss.

Although Peté's early reign was marked by economic stability and an obvious close connection with Eluvatar, in the early 1970s the Vrotrith poisoning scandal emerged, and Peté was linked with hiring an assassin to poison the food of his political rival Rothis Vrotrith. In 1973 the Council impeached Peté, and was convicted by the High Court of Myroria of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, and lying to the Council. However, before he could serve his sentence, his wife and successor pardoned Peté of all his crimes.

In his retirement, Peté returned to focusing on his barony in Eluvatar, and would later get a reputation as a top statesman and representative for the close relationship between Myroria and Eluvatar. He suffered a stroke on December 1, 2010 and died three days later at the age of 87.