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Flag of Eluvatar
Flag of Eluvatar
Arms of Eluvatar
Arms of Eluvatar
Motto: Man i waithtir nin tiruva?
Capital Romenna
Population 70 million
Official language Eruvite, Inglish, Sindarin
Eluvatar is a large, populous nation in northeastern Ennorath on the shore of Cefnor. It is a constitituional monarchy sans monarch which is a multicultural, multiethnic, and even multispecies confederation of (mostly) constitutional monarchies. It is a capitalist nation, and heavily industrialized.


Eluvatar is the successor state to the Meneltarma Empire, which was the western half of the Dunedain Empire which was notionally the successor state to the ancient Sindarin Empire.

The Royal Confederacy of Eluvatar was formed in 1243 as a confederation of six independent Dunedain states: Romenna-flag.png Romenna, Meneltarma-flag.png Meneltarma, Eldalonde-flag.png Eldalondei, Anor-flag.png Anor, and Ilium-flag.png Ilium.

In 1498, following a series of maritime wars, Eluvatar conquered Minos-flag.png Minos, soon turning it into a unified province of the Royal Confederacy under the rule of an allied Minosian house.

The Last King, Ëarvedui Ruisigusugoriar Eluvatumi, attained power through the War of the Last Eluvataran Succession in 1725. He swiftly consolidated power, using the Hall of the Non as his main support base and reducing the powers and privileges of the Dunedain in return. Using the now greatly increased might of the government, he conquered Bennland-flag.png Bennland and Finn-flag.png Finnland. Challenged by St Oz, he departs the country on campaign leaving the Note of Absence and invades and frees Myroria from them, but ultimately is lost at sea on his way home.

Foreign Relations

Eluvatar has long been an ally of Myroria and Inglo-Scotia: together the three powers form the Coalition of Carth. Eluvatar maintains relations with most nations on the international stage.

As a rule of thumb, a good approximation of the attitude of the Eluvatar toward other nations is their level of freedom and democracy.


Eluvatar is a constitutional monarchy sans monarch which is itself a confederation of (mostly) constitutional monarchies. Its government is organized under several guiding documents: a Charter of Confederation, a Charter of Right, and a Note of Absence. The legislature is the Halls of the Stewards and is organized in two chambers: the Hall of the Non and the Hall of the Dunedain. The Hall of the Non elects the Presiding Steward who is the head of government and state in the absence of the King.


Eluvatar is a parliamentary democracy with a three party system. The liberal Gastatirdinund party often coalitions with the socialist Lafurwaethdinund party. All three parties oppose the crowing of a new monarch, and claiming to be King has been punishable by summary execution on the spot since 1843.


Eluvatar is an industrialized capitalist country with well-developed international trade and agriculture. Most of the capital not owned by the Church of Eru is owned, directly or indirectly, by the Dunedain. Most managers however are not, and there are several large corporations founded by non-Dunedain entrepreneurs.

The Church of Eru owns nearly a quarter of all property and capital in Eluvatar.