Militia Act

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Militia Act
Jurisdiction Taijitu
Enacted by Ecclesia of Taijitu
Introduced September 27, 2014
Vote October 1, 2014
Amended April 02, 2015, April 15, 2015
Full text of the Militia Act

The Militia Act is a law establishing the Taijitu Citizens' Militia as well as the office, powers, and responsibilities of the Citizen-Sergeant of Taijitu.

Legislative Record

The Militia Act was introduced by Myroria on September 27, 2014 and was enacted by the Ecclesia of Taijitu on October 1, 2014. It has since been amended to provide for regional alignment and to allow the Citizen-Sergeant to delegate responsibility to officers and to establish a chain of command.


1. Citizen-Sergeant

  1. The Citizen-Sergeant will strategically lead the Taijitu Citizens' Militia and will act as military advisor to the Ecclesia.
  2. Any citizen of Taijitu may stand for election to the office of Citizen-Sergeant.
  3. An election for Citizen-Sergeant will be held when three months have passed since the last election, the Ecclesia chooses to hold an election by a majority vote, or the office of Citizen-Sergeant is vacant.
  4. No person may serve as Citizen-Sergeant for more than two consecutive terms.
  5. The Ecclesia may remove the Citizen-Sergeant by a majority vote.

2. Militia Organization

  1. The Citizen-Sergeant may approve or reject applications to join the Militia. Rejections may be appealed to the Ecclesia.
  2. The Citizen-Sergeant may delineate rank and responsibility within the Militia.
  3. The Citizen-Sergeant will be empowered to order military actions, and to delegate this power to a chain of command within the Militia.
  4. When the office of Citizen-Sergeant is vacant, leadership of the Militia will pass to the chain of command as established by the prior Citizen-Sergeant for the duration of the vacancy.
  5. All military operations lasting longer than three major in-game updates must be approved by the Ecclesia by a two-thirds majority vote.

3. Regional Alignment

  1. The alignment of the Citizens' Democracy of Taijitu will be neutral in regard to gameplay divisions.
  2. Taijitu will remain open and welcoming to nations without regard to gameplay political, ideological, or military alignment, or level of interest in gameplay.
  3. Taijitu will continue to bear the onsite tag "Neutral" to reflect this regional alignment.

4. Militia Alignment

  1. The alignment of the Taijitu Citizens' Militia will be regional sovereigntist.
  2. The fundamental aims of the Taijitu Citizens' Militia will be to pursue the interests of Taijitu through military activity and to defend and uphold regional sovereignty.
  3. The Taijitu Citizens' Militia will execute all interregional military mandates agreed to by the Ecclesia, including but not necessarily limited to treaties and declarations of war.
  4. The Taijitu Citizens' Militia will be respectful of regional sovereignty and will be barred from invading peaceful regions absent a mandate agreed to by the Ecclesia.
  5. The Taijitu Citizens' Militia will be empowered to invade regions that violate the sovereignty of peaceful regions, without a specific mandate to do so and at the discretion of the Citizen-Sergeant.