Citizen-Initiator Act

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Citizen-Initiator Act
Jurisdiction Taijitu
Enacted by Ecclesia of Taijitu
Introduced January 7, 2015
Vote February 10, 2015
Full text of the Citizen-Initiator Act

The Citizen-Initiator Act is a law establishing the office, powers, and responsibilities of the Citizen-Initiator of Taijitu.

Legislative Record

The Citizen-Initiator Act was introduced as a concept by Gulliver on January 7, 2015, as a draft by Myroria on January 10, 2015, and was enacted by the Ecclesia of Taijitu on February 10, 2015.


1. Qualifications and Election

  1. Any citizen of Taijitu may stand for election to the office of Citizen-Initiator.
  2. An election for Citizen-Initiator will be held when three months have passed since the last election, the Ecclesia chooses to hold an election by a majority vote, or the office of Citizen-Initiator is vacant.
  3. No person may serve as Citizen-Initiator for more than two consecutive terms.
  4. The Ecclesia may remove the Citizen-Initiator by a majority vote.

2. Powers and Responsibilities

  1. The Citizen-Initiator will review and approve citizenship requests according to law.
  2. The Citizen-Initiator will serve as presiding officer of the Ecclesia and will be responsible for moderating debate in the Ecclesia, recording the results of votes, and making rulings on procedure.