Holidays Act

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Holidays Act
Jurisdiction Taijitu
Enacted by Referendum
Petition submitted June 18, 2011
Petition approved June 18, 2011
Referendum June 22, 2011
Amended January 12, 2015
Full text of the Holidays Act

The Holidays Act is a law establishing several holidays in honor of important events in the history of Taijitu.

Legislative Record

The Holidays Act was amended by the Ecclesia of Taijitu on January 12, 2015.


  1. January the third will be observed as Founding Day and will commemorate the original founding of Taijitu.
  2. June the sixth will be observed as Refounding Day and will commemorate the successful refounding of Taijitu.
  3. August the twenty-sixth will be observed as Revolution Day, and will commemorate the birth of the Glorious Revolution.