Delegacy Act

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Delegacy Act
Jurisdiction Taijitu
Enacted by Ecclesia of Taijitu
Introduced December 26, 2014
Vote January 3, 2015
Amended January 13, 2015
Full text of the Delegacy Act

The Delegacy Act is a law establishing the office, powers, and responsibilities of the Citizen-Delegate of Taijitu. The law also establishes the appointment of citizen-diplomats and citizen-liaisons, executive positions which assist the Citizen-Delegate in their duties.

Legislative Record

The Delegacy Act was introduced by Gulliver on December 26, 2014 and enacted by the Ecclesia of Taijitu on January 3, 2015.

The Act was amended by the Ecclesia to include citizen-liaisons on January 13, 2015.


1. Qualifications and Election

  1. Any citizen of Taijitu may stand for election to the office of Citizen-Delegate.
  2. An election for Citizen-Delegate will be held if three months have passed since the start of the previous election, the Ecclesia chooses to hold an election by a majority vote, or the office of Citizen-Delegate is vacant.
  3. No person may serve as Citizen-Delegate for more than two consecutive terms.
  4. The Ecclesia may remove the Citizen-Delegate by a majority vote.

2. Powers and Responsibilities

  1. The Citizen-Delegate will serve as head of state and conduct foreign policy.
  2. The Citizen-Delegate will hold the in-game delegacy of the region of Taijitu with full powers and will exercise them as provided by law.

3. Citizen-Diplomats

  1. The Citizen-Delegate may appoint any number of citizens of Taijitu as citizen-diplomats to assist them in conducting foreign policy.
  2. The Citizen-Delegate may dismiss citizen-diplomats at any time.
  3. The Ecclesia may remove any citizen-diplomat by a majority vote.
  4. Citizen-Diplomats may appoint any number of Citizens as Citizen-Ambassadors to extend the message of the Glorious Revolution to other regions.