Judiciary Act

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Judiciary Act
Jurisdiction Taijitu
Enacted by Ecclesia of Taijitu
Introduced December 16, 2014
Vote December 22, 2014
Full text of the Judiciary Act

The Judiciary Act is a law establishing the office, powers, and responsibilities of the Citizen-Mediator of Taijitu to mediate grievances between citizens.

Legislative Record

The Judiciary Act was introduced as a concept by Myroria on November 22, 2014, as a draft on December 16, 2014, and was enacted by the Ecclesia of Taijitu on December 22, 2014.


  1. The Citizens of Taijitu establish the position of Citizen-Mediator.
    1. The Citizen-Mediator shall be elected by the Ecclesia on an interim basis when a formal complaint against another Citizen is lodged with the aforementioned body.
    2. The Citizen-Mediator shall be responsible for mediation with the aggrieved parties.