Citizenship Act

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Citizenship Act
Jurisdiction Taijitu
Enacted by Ecclesia of Taijitu
Introduced November 29, 2014
Vote December 8, 2014
Amended February 27, 2015
Full text of the Citizenship Act

The Citizenship Act is a law establishing the criteria and procedure for attaining citizenship in Taijitu.

Legislative Record

The Citizenship Act was introduced by Stone Shark on November 29, 2014 and enacted by the Ecclesia of Taijitu on December 8, 2014.

The Act was amended by the Ecclesia on February 27, 2015 to make changes to the oath of citizenship.


The Ecclesia;

Whereas before no legislation concerning qualifications have established for citizenship and the only impediment to citizenship having previously been the opinions of the Citizen-Initiator, let it be decided that the conditions by which Taijitu exists require stricter regulations in order to avoid the indoctrination of potentially harmful individuals into our community;

I. Citizenship

  1. All members who were granted citizenship before this legislation was passed will retain citizenship and shall not be required to apply under the new terms, unless they resign citizenship and re-apply;
  2. Applicants will still have to post a request for citizenship in the appropriate forum, but may now opt to complete a questionnaire;
  3. The questionnaire shall not hinder attempts to gain citizenship, but shall only progress said attempts, unless said questionnaire raises red flags about the applicant, in which case the Citizen-Initiator or their deputy may conduct an investigation before approving the applicants request;
  4. Applicants who have completed the questionnaire shall be given priority opposed to applicants who have not completed the application, meaning a applicant who has completed the questionnaire shall have their application reviewed first;
  5. The full body of the questionnaire shall be determined by the Citizen-Initiator, subject to the conditions in this legislation and the approval of the Ecclesia;
  6. The Citizen-Initiator must conduct a background check, and may appoint a deputy, subject to the approval and the ability to be recalled by the Ecclesia, to conduct background checks in their name;

II. Conditions for the Application

  1. The Questionnaire as described in I. Citizenship must have the following areas, additional areas may be added by the Citizen-Initiator subject to the approval of the Ecclesia;
  2. The areas shall be: Name, Former Regions of Residence, Former Political Posts, Other Aliases;
  3. Every area must be filled out for the Citizen-Initiator or their deputy to consider the Questionnaire valid, in which case they will be given priority, if they have not completed the entire questionnaire their application shall be treated as if they had not filled out the application;

III. Oath of Citizenship

  1. In order to be considered for citizenship, in conjunction with the terms dictated above, the applicant must fill out an Oath of Citizenship;
  2. The Oath of Citizenship shall consist of the following:
I, [forum name] in sound mind and good conscience, do hereby declare my loyalty to the Citizens' Democracy of Taijitu and to the principles of the Glorious Revolution. I swear to respect and uphold the Constitution and the laws adopted by the Ecclesia. I recognize that should I break my oath I shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that my citizenship may be forfeit.

The Ecclesia hereby passes Legislation Concerning Citizenship.