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This is intended to be a brief guide to help acquaint newcomers with Taijitu. If you can't find a certain bit of information here, try looking or asking here. If you want to know about the game of NationStates in general, try the article Jennifer Government: NationStates.


Taijitu's portal provides a directory of all the online resources the region offers. These include forums, this wiki and an IRC client for the regional channel, all of which are discussed in this article.


This wiki serves as the central repository of Taijitu related information. This includes both in-game information and articles on people, places and the like which appear in the region's roleplay setting. The wiki is a good place to check if curious about something. Creating an account on the wiki and contributing is also highly encouraged.


The regional forums is where most things in Taijitu happen, so registering is absolutely necessary if you want to get more involved in the region. Once you've registered, you can introduce yourself, chat, play games, get involved in regional government or civics and role-play.

Internet Relay Chat

Internet relay chat (IRC) is one of the primary ways in which the residents of Taijitu keep in touch with one another. Taijitu's channel can be found at #taijitu on EsperNet. Those who do not have an IRC client can instead access the channel using their browser here. Access to IRC is not a right, and you will be banned if you flame, troll or engage in any similarly disruptive behaviors.


Taijitu's affairs are administered by a regional government. The structure and powers of this government are established by the provisions of the region's constitution. It follows the classical three branch model, with an elected delegate and legislature and an appoined court. It also establishes a system of petitions and referendums. Any person who has registered as a citizen can vote in elections and referendums and hold public office. Citizens may also join or register a political party.


Taijitu has its own role-play in which members can play out their nations and characters from them with other players. For those who have little or no role-playing experience or are curious about Taijitu's setting, more information can be found here.


Taijitu has its own Minecraft server which can be reached using the address minecraft.taijitu.org. This address can also be used on an internet browser to reach the server's forums. The server has only just recently been updated to 1.0.0, so for the moment no world map is available. Access is not right, and you will be banned if you engage in things like griefing.