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The Divine People's Republic of St. Oz
Flag of St. Oz Coat of Arms of St. Oz
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Հոք ը Հոքձեռ" tr. Hok ey Hokjer.

Here and Hereafter"

Anthem: "Դ՟գոդաք Վորետրեւվիսո"

My memory leaves no empty spaces.

Location of St. Oz
Area 740,907km2
Water (%) {{{water_area}}}
Highest point D'Zhrovak
Longest river Shpri
Population 316,508,061
• Density 427.19/km2
• Growth .7%/year
Median age 34.9 years
Demonym Ozian
Founding of Ozi'pol January 26th, 921 BCE

Formation of the Divine Republic August 6th, 309 BCE
•  Ozian Liberation
December 4th, 1909
Capital Ozi'pol (St Oz City)
Official language Ozian, Moaz
Type Theocratic Single-Party Socialist Republic
Legislature Ozian Senate
Listener Adara Revia Oz
Primav Amelio Parpaski

Districts 19
Currency Paloi Equa Insorken

"Maritime Insurance Currency" (₴) (PEI)

GDP ₴5,419,168,000,000
• Per capita ₴5148.08
• Growth 6-10%%/year

18% Agriculture
35% Industry
47% Services

Unemployment 4.9%
Gini 39.3
Life expectancy 69.5 years
Improved water access 95%
Literacy 100%
Enrollment 99%
• Primary 99.9%
• Secondary 99.9%
• Tertiary 45%
Measures Metric
Date format day-month-year
Traffic Left-hand
ISO code OZ
Internet TLD .oz
Calling code +13

St. Oz (Ozian:Ստ՟ Ոժի tr. St. Oži) or Ozia (Ozian:Ոժի tr. Oži), officially known as The Divine People's Republic of the O People (Ozian:Սանքթտլժա Բոբցլիէ Ռբպւվլիքը դեվ Ոժի tr. Sanktizha Populiē Repuvklikë dev Oži) is located in the northern Cefnor Sea. It is bordered to the North by Myroria, the east by the Letonnese Empire, and the southeast by the People's Republic of Slavnayaboda. It is a theocratic socialist republic comprised of 19 different districts, three of which are Autonomous People's Republics, and is officially lead by its head of state, First Listener, and her successors since the formation of the first Divine Republic around 950 BCE. Modern Ozia has been inhabited since the paleolithic age, including home to ancient Frezhi cultures, Dunedain civilizations, and the Pelagian Empire. The Ozian people are predominantly descended by the O people, but due to its historically strategic area and strict anti-slavery religious laws, the modern Ozian ethnicity is a mixture of Libians, Pelagians, Jutensans, Myrorians, Eluvatarans, Letonnese, Austrasians, and Neustrians.


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Early Gaeanist Republic and Classical

Rise of the Direships, Ozian Golden Age

Decline of the Direships, the Troubles

The Divine People's Republic

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The Great War Period

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The Second Great War Period

Contemporary Ozia


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Education and Science


Television and Cinema




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Government and Politics

The Ozian People's Party

The People's Senate

Council of Economic Experts

Zentrale Etrepoza


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Energy and Transportation


The New Way

Government Policies