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St Oz
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Motto: Chi Wen Tzu used to think thrice before acting. The Master hearing of it said, Twice is quite enough.
Member since Hell if I know.
WA category Anarchy
Political party None
Political positions Green Liberalism, Market Liberalism
Soapbox issue The competitiveness of American Markets, Tupac Lives
Favorite movie Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain
Favorite book The Idiot
Specialty Economics, The Black Market Buddhism, Statistics, Gender Equality

Hi, I'm St Oz and I always forget to bold the subject of my wikipages. I used to be an active mapmaker for the Taijitu RP community and hope to assume that role again. My work was largely amateur back in the day, but my graphic design skills have significantly improved since then. My only vices in life are mechanical keyboards that go clack clack clack, alcohol, and reading J.D. Robb books.


  • Entertaining Bigotry to Taijitu.
  • The RP maps and keeping them constantly up to date.
  • An Original Founder, w00t w00t.
  • As an ex-raider, providing consultant work on Raider politics, etc.

Contributions to the Taijiwiki (Finished and mostly finished)


Articles I need to make and finish