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Akka-Wakka (pronounced: "a-ka - wa-ka") is a citizen of the region of Taijitu, and an ex Lexi'. He is currently living in a hat, and enjoys many past times, but none so much as eating his infamous "Pink Waffles!"


This was Akka's first avatar, and he still uses it to this day


Akka-Wakka first signed up to NS in 2005, and joined "The Lexicon" (The Lex), a region that he (Akka is definitely a HE, even if PoD Gunner doesn't think so) found to be most enjoyable at the time. However, with the advent of various personal tragedy's, tensions and eventually the OMGBANNINGZ!!!1!!!!1 that plagued The Lex, Akka left "Forever!"


NS being what it was, and Akka being a in a changeable mood at the time, "Forever" only turned out to be about 5 months. "What was Akka doing in those 5 months" has been asked (not often, but it's been asked) on occasion. No one really knows, but the most likely explanation is that Akka was stocking up on waffles.


After coming back, Akka went straight to Taijitu, because they said he could use their kitchens to make as many Pink Waffles as he liked. In Taijitu, Akka made a brief foray into The Senate, but abandoned the venture, as The Senate pay was not enough to justify the loss of hours in The Waffle Kitchens. He can now be found wondering the forums looking for the ever elusive Pink Baking Flower for his waffles, and making a fool of himself on IRC.

Past Times

  • Waffle Making
  • Waffle Eating
  • Waffling On
  • Spamming
  • Listening to Music
  • Being Silly (Like Duh!)
  • Jumping off Cliffs

Fun Facts

  • Akka's nickname is "(The) (Cheese Eating) Snowman of Doom!"
  • Akka's twin Sister is Allama.
  • Akka once drove about a dozen people crazy on IRC because he forgot to turn off his ICR bot and went to sleep.
  • "Akka-Wakka" still holds the highest post count in The Lex. (Although only because The Crazy Monkeymen's account was deleted)
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