The Great War

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The Great War is an ongoing military conflict in the lands around the sea of Cefnor that began on November 6, 1898. The fighting involves most of the world's great powers, assembled in two opposing alliances: The Coalition of Carth and L'Entente Cordiale.

The assassination of Baan Myrskyja by a Myrorian assassin hired by the Haradrim is seen as the direct cause of the war, though numerous factors such as imperialistic and militaristic policies by Eluvatar, Inglo-Scotia, Myroria, the Bolu, and the Haradrim Empire played a major role. Myrskyja's assassination resulted in the Eluvataran government recognizing that a state of war existed between the Haradrim and Eluvatar, and within a matter of days alliances that had been formed over the past decades had been invoked, and within three days of Eluvataran recognition most of the lands around Cefnor were at war.