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A view of Carcossa at dawn.
Country Khem
Head Librarian Kel'al Ket'n
Metropolis Area 4,500km²
Metro Area 10,051km²
Elevation 1- 5,000m
Population Metro 1,337,420
Population Total 2,473,310
Population Density of Metro 297.204 people per km²
Population Density of Metropolis Area 1 246.076 people per km²

Carcossa The shining city. All who gaze on her perfected curving walls and her expertly crafted gardens know the true power in Khems united.


A religious center for millenia Carcossa became the seat of Khems power in 1859 after the construction of the Great Library of Carcossa.


Carcossa stretches from Mount Kallisti to Lake Haali and is surrounded by the Hyades rain-forest on its northern and southern borders.


Carcossa is renowned for her shining white walls and constant flow of verdant growth. The Great Library dominates the skyline, though many structures reach upward spiraling out from the it in perfect Fibonacci sequence. By Lake Haali tourists and vacationing Khems walk along long onyx sanded beaches. Along the mountain pilgrims come in a daily flood to pray at the spot where the Hermetica achieved enlightenment. Wildlife interaction zones dominate the southern edge of the city with many biologists eager to study the diverse species of the Hyades.


Carcossa 1980s
The People's Glorious Library Foreign Emissary Compound

City Landmarks





The Library of Carcossa in addition to being the primary administrative force in Khem also is the center for Medical, Pharmaceutical and Psychological research. Additionally Carcossa is the official Drug Administration Library and thus most Pharmaceuticals and Recreationals are produced here. The Carcossa Library also acts as the main reserve of Tas and the central bank of Khem.




Crazy Librarians.

Crime and Corruption

Crime is common in areas near the slums and most citizens do not go out at night. Some whisper of a shadowy business that is profiting from all of this though no one seems to know who they may be.


Integrated agriculture, chimpayas, modern sewer systems with UV purification, water purification. Solar, geothermal, wind, wave energy. Stormwater mitigation systems. Industrial waste recycling. Recycling centers.

Armed Forces

Will fuck your day up!

Khemish Things