Ecology of Khem

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Giant purple heart trees
Giant birch trees
Giant cherry blossom trees
Giant Fig Trees
Cocoa Tree
Coffee Plants
Khemish Coca Plant
Tea Plants
2,000+ other species of trees
10,000+ species of flower
1,000+ species of fruit bearing trees
500 species of seaweed

Khemish Lake Turtle
Khemish Otter
Khemish Gahk'ell
Khem Coy
Khemish Catfish
600-800 species of mammals, including: the jaguar, puma, ocelot, sloth,
jaguarundi, armadillos, anteaters, tapirs, capybaras, dozens of species of
monkeys, bats, and pink dolphins.
1,500 species of birds, including: Amazon parrot, toucan, egrets, crakes,
eagles, owls, oropendulas, peacocks, blue macaw, trogons, hummingbirds,
blue heron, spix's guan, and many others.
3,000+ species of fish, including: piranha, piracucu, silver dollar fish,
catfish, dogfish, salmon, smelt.
1,200+ species of reptiles, including: caiman, a myriad of snakes, race
runners, yellow spotted side-necked turtle, basiliscus lizard, boa, yellow
footed tortoise, iguana
250,000+ species of insects, including 1,300+ species of butterflies, ants,
beetles, mantis, wasps, spiders, etc.
New species are discovered every day.