The Tea Cake Concordat

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The sovereign regions of Spiritus and Taijitu, recognising their shared democratic ideals, gameplay interests, and social communities, hereby join together to ratify this treaty of friendship and cooperation:

Article 1 - Diplomacy and Recognition

1.1. The Citizens' Democracy of Taijitu and the Elemental Republic of Spiritus hereby recognise each other as the legitimate government of Taijitu and Spirius. Such recognition shall extend to any lawful successor governments thereto. The signatories shall be referred to as 'Taijitu' and 'Spiritus' respectively.

1.2. The signatories vow never to engage in nor support any actions that threaten the sovereignty, security or political independence of the recognised government of the other signatory. As such, each signatory renounces any right to engage in clandestine, espionage or other spying operations against the other signatory.

1.3. Each signatory shall open and maintain embassies, both through on the NationStates website and on their respective off-site forums, for the use of the other signatory.

1.4. The signatories shall ensure they send a representative to staff their off-site embassies at all times.

Article 2 - Military, Security and Intelligence

2.1. The signatories pledge to support the sovereignty of both Spiritus and Taijitu wherever possible in line with this Treaty and our shared ideals.

2.2. Should the security of one of the signatories come under threat, the other signatory shall provide such aid, military or otherwise, as may be necessary.

2.3. The signatories shall otherwise comply, whenever possible, with a request for military aid from the other signatory.

2.4. Each signatory shall share any information in its possession pertaining to the security or sovereignty of the other signatory, provided that such sharing shall not cause disproportionate risk to the security or sovereignty of the signatory sharing the intelligence.

Article 3 - Military Cooperation

3.1. Spiritus and Taijitu recognise their shared interest in defending regions from invasions, and agree whenever possible to utilise their militaries jointly or cooperatively to achieve this end.

3.2. The signatories commit themselves to utilising such resources available as to conduct joint update defending operations. In the event that no such existing resources are available, the signatories will set out to acquire such resources as may be necessary.

3.3. The signatories agree that training exercises are beneficial to the capabilities of each of its militaries. As such, the signatories will endeavour to conduct joint training operations. Any training exercises conducted by the signatories shall, at their agreement, be open to other militaries. The signatories agree to respect each others' wishes regarding appropriate regions and actions for the training exercises.

3.4. No less than once every four months, the signatories shall participate in a major military training exercise, within the meaning of 3.3., to include activities such as simulated defences and liberations.

3.5. Each signatory's military shall appoint a liaison to the military of the other signatory. The liaisons shall be granted at least the same access as an ordinary soldier.

3.6. The liaisons shall be primarily responsible to ensure the compliance with the provisions of this Article. The signatories shall bear secondary responsibility.

Article 4 - Cultural Harmony

4.1. Spiritus and Taijitu shall endeavour to develop joint cultural events between their respective communities when possible.

4.2. The signatories will collaborate, whenever possible, on joint cultural efforts during major NationStates events to better strengthen and advance their relationship.

4.3. A tea import company is to be established, with the Spiritus office named "Spiriteas" and the Taijitu office named "Chaijitu.

Article 5 - Treaty Administration

5.1. This Treaty may be terminated by either signatory at any time, by providing at least 14 days' notice to the other signatory.

5.2. A signatory may immediately terminate the Treaty for a breach by the other party of any of its obligations under Articles 1 and 2, aside from a breach of clause 1.4.

5.3. Prior to pursuing termination, a signatory is expected to attempt to remedy any issues with the other party, in order to avoid termination.

5.4. No more than 11 months following ratification of this treaty by both signatories, and every year thereafter, the signatories shall convene a joint conference for consideration, including any requisite changes to ensure, the efficacy and continued operation of this Treaty.

5.5. This treaty shall automatically terminate at the conclusion of one year following its ratification by both parties. This clause shall not come into effect should the treaty be re-ratified by both signatories.

The Tea Cake Concordat was proposed by the Ecclesia on Lacidor 21, AR 1 (June 16, 2015 OS).
The Tea Cake Concordat was enacted by the Ecclesia on Cielidor 11, AR 1 (July 7, 2015 OS).