The Bethany Accords

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A treaty of friendship between Taijitu and Lazarus

The sovereign regions of Taijitu and Lazarus, as governed democratically by the open legislatures of the respective regions, are independent and sovereign. The two regions share citizens, political and military interests, and directly-democratic forms of government. Recognizing these similarities, as well as the friendship between the two regions’ peoples, they hereby enact the following treaty of amity and friendship.

Article One
1. The parties agree to maintain a mutual embassy relationship, onsite and offsite.
2. The parties agree to penalize willful violation of the other party’s rules for RMB posts on that party’s RMB, should the other party allow embassy RMB posts.
3. From time to time, the parties will organize cultural events on the regional offsite forums or RMB of one or the other party.

Article Two
1. If the sovereignty of a party’s legitimate government is threatened, the other party will assist proportionately in coordination with and by the consent of the threatened party.
2. Military activity in another region does not constitute extension of the region’s sovereignty.
3. The parties will collaborate militarily on request when their forces are not otherwise needed.
4. Cooperation may only be requested for operations consistent with Article Two, other agreements entered into by the requested party, and the requested party’s regional law.

Article Three
1. Any violation of this treaty is grounds for immediate termination.
2. Either party may withdraw from the treaty with seven days’ notice.

Article Four
1. This treaty may be amended by mutual consent, through the normal ratification processes of the two parties.

The Bethany Accords were proposed by the Ecclesia on Sidéral 28, AR 1 (May 24, 2015 OS).
The Bethany Accords were enacted by the Ecclesia on Lacidor 22, AR 1 (June 17, 2015 OS).