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The Lexicon

Taijitu's founders and very first residents were former members of another region, The Lexicon. Following an escalating string of disagreements and grievances with The Lexicon's founders, these players left the region and founded Taijitu as an act of rebellion.

Problems first arose when war broke out between The Lexicon and the feeder region of The North Pacific. The Lexicon's founders had left The North Pacific after disagreements there, and the war was based on lingering hostility rather than the possibility of any achievable strategic gains. Among the general population, initial enthusiasm soon turned to frustration when it became evident that the war effort was doomed. As the war wound down, the member OT was banned on charges of leaking information to The North Pacific. At the same time, another member, Gallipoli-China, was banned as well on the grounds of guilt by association. While the first ban was deemed appropriate by many, the second ban sparked public outrage and was eventually lifted.

Some time later three members, Sovereign Dixie, Myroria and The Crazy Monkeyman, began discussing the possibility of creating an alliance for The Lexicon in the browser game Cybernations. As part of this initiative a forum was set up. This in return led to an argument between The Crazy Monkeyman and one of the founder's, Insane Power, who appeared to construe the forum as evidence of a plot to take over The Lexicon. The argument quickly escalated until The Crazy Monkeyman was banned. Sovereign Dixie was banned soon after, and then Myroria when he spoke in their defense. In protest several nations left the region and created a new one named "Not Lexicon". The following day these separatists held a meeting with Insane Power and demanded an apology. Insane Power ultimately acquiesced, issuing an apology and lifting the bans, and claimed that he had been told that Sovereign Dixie, Myroria and The Crazy Monkeyman had been plotting a coup. It is unknown whether or not this was true.

After the bans were lifted many still believed that it was only a matter of time until another one was unfairly handed out. These fears were confirmed when another heated argument between The Crazy Monkeyman and Insane Power, this time over the question of what action The Lexicon should take in response to an ongoing purge in The Pacific, erupted, and The Crazy Monkeyman was once again banned. Many, both in the government and in the public, spoke out against the ban, but it was not immediately lifted. Insane Power did, however, step down as delegate soon after and appoint Fullhead Land to replace him . Some members protested, contending that a new election should be held as The Lexicon's charter had no provisions for succession, but Fullhead Land in the end served for the remainder of the term.

When elections for delegate did begin, the members Sovereign Dixie, Eluvatar, Gulliver and The Crazy Monkeyman all considered running. When the four candidates spoke with one another, however, they realized that they shared common goals, and that it would be strategically prudent for only one of them to run to avoid splitting the vote. Sovereign Dixie was chosen, and the four banded together as the Freedom Party to support his election. Operating in secret to avoid any bans, the party recruited a number of other members to its cause and went on to elect Sovereign Dixie as the first non-founder delegate of The Lexicon.