Advisory Council Act

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1. Composition
1. The Advisory Council will be comprised of the Citizen-Delegate, Citizen-Initiator, Citizen-Liaison, and Citizen-Sergeant.
2. All officers will be limited to holding a single office of the Advisory Council at a time.

2. Powers and Responsibilities
1. The Advisory Council will advise the Ecclesia in regard to executive policy.
2. The Advisory Council will hold regular meetings to discuss and address matters on the executive agenda, which will include any matter any officer wishes to discuss. The minutes of such meetings will be provided to the Ecclesia.
3. The Advisory Council may, by majority vote, invite other officials to participate in its meetings. Only officers of the Advisory Council may vote on Advisory Council matters.
4. The Advisory Council may, by majority vote, set policy in regard to any matter that involves more than one office of the Advisory Council. Such policy may be amended or repealed by the Ecclesia.
5. Agreements negotiated by the Citizen-Delegate or citizen-diplomats with other regions or organizations will only be submitted to the Ecclesia following a majority vote of the Advisory Council in favor.
6. The Advisory Council will deliver comprehensive reports on the progress of executive initiatives to the Ecclesia during the months of Ventaire, Boisaire, Gaïôse, Tonneral, Sidéral, and Cielidor.

The Advisory Council Act was proposed in the Ecclesia on Ignal 11, AR 1 (April 06, 2015 OS).

The Advisory Council Act was enacted by the Ecclesia on Ignal 23, AR 1 (April 18, 2015 OS).