Phather Bad Drugs

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Phather Bad Drugs AKA Pur AKA Khem
Member Since March 2007
Offices Held: Taijitu's First Citizen-Liaison,
First Elected Citizen-Liaison,
Ambassador To The INWU
Nation Al Khem
Specialities Writing, History, Wiki, Legislation, Illicit Substances, Philosophy, RPGs, Building Things, Art
Interests Booty!
Politics Complicated
Soapbox Issue Cultural cohesion in worldbuilding
Favorite Videogame Suikoden
Favorite Movie Metropolis
Favorite Book The King in Yellow

Phather Bad Drugs is a rad guy with the coolest of faiths. He is a righteous symbol of manhood and virility in these dark times. He also plays the nation of Khem.

His soul is currently in Allama's possession, held for safe-keeping as he cannot be trusted with it.

If you don't love him your soul shall be squashed as a gnat beneath the newspaper of almighty PHA...


Make self better
Get the girl
Go back to school
Write more RP
Lots of art