List of People in Tritopea

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Each Tritopean, upon elevation into the triangular society, is given a number with the prefix Tri as their name. These numbers usually correspond to a particular position.

Tri-001: The Elder Elder

Tri-002: Elder

Tri-003: The Eldest Elder

Tri-004: Elder The Younger

Tri-005: Elder

Tri-006: Elder

Tri-007: Arbiter of the People

Tri-008: Governor of the First Side

Tri-009: Governor of the Second Side

Tri-010: Governor of the Third Side

Tri-011: Genetic Coordinator

Tri-012: Breeding Monitor (Conservative)

Tri-013: Breeding Coordinator

Tri-014: Overseer of Breeding

Tri-015: Breeding Monitor (Progressive)

Tri-016: Master of Agriculture

Tri-017: Ration Coordinator

Tri-018: Agricultural Scientist

Tri-019: Agricultural Scientist

Tri-020: Overseer of Food Production

Tri-021: Master of Herds

Tri-022: Master Engineer

Tri-023: Master Builder

Tri-024: Space Coordinator

Tri-025: Resource Manager

Tri-026: Keeper of the Spark

Tri-027: Master of Ethics

Tri-028: Seer

Tri-029: Scientist

Tri-030: Scientist

Tri-031: Scientist

Tri-032: Master of Agriculture

Tri-033: Master of Biology

Tri-034: Master of Physics

Tri-035: Master of Chemistry

Tri-036: Master of Mathematics

Tri-037: Holy Scholar

Tri-038: Holy Scholar

Tri-039: Holy Scholar

Tri-040: High Priest

Tri-041: Priest

Tri-042: Inquisitor

Tri-043: Exquisitor

Tri-044: Priest

Tri-045: Priest

Tri-046: General

Tri-047: Master of Soldiers

Tri-048: Officer

Tri-049: Officer

Tri-050: Soldier

Tri-051: Soldier

Tri-052: Soldier

Tri-053: Soldier

Tri-054: Soldier

Tri-055: Soldier

Tri-056: Diplomat

Tri-057: Warden

Tri-058: Master of Foreign Cultures

Tri-059: Master of Janitorial Duties

Tri-060: Temple Janitor

Tri-061: Janitor

Tri-062: Janitor

Tri-063: Janitor

Tri-064: Keeper of Records

Tri-065: Sorter of Records

Tri-066: Printer

Tri-067: Transportation Coordinator

Tri-068: Laborer

Tri-069: Laborer

Tri-070: Laborer

Tri-071: Laborer

Tri-072: Laborer

Tri-073: Laborer

Tri-074: Laborer

Tri-075: Laborer

Tri-076: Laborer

Tri-077: Laborer

Tri-078: Laborer

Tri-079: Caretaker

Tri-080: Caretaker

Tri-081: Caretaker

Tri-082: Caretaker

Tri-083: Caretaker

Tri-084: Caretaker

Tri-085: Caretaker

Tri-086: Caretaker

Tri-087: Caretaker

Tri-088: Caretaker

Tri-089: Caretaker

Tri-090: Socialite

Tri-091: Socialite

Tri-092: Midwife

Tri-093: Master of Promiscuity

Tri-094: Breeder

Tri-095: Breeder

Tri-096: Breeder

Tri-097: Breeder

Tri-098: Breeder

Tri-099: Breeder

Tri-100: Breeder

Tri-101: Breeder

Tri-102: Breeder

Tri-103: Breeder

Tri-104: Breeder

Tri-105: Breeder

Tri-106: The Square

Tri-107: The Fool